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"I volunteer at Radio Love as a way to give back. The way that I see it, God has given me so much in life, so why not take some of my time and give back? I love being part of an organization that preaches the Gospel with no limitations. We are placed on this earth to preach the Gospel and spread the good news. What better way than to do it through the Radio?"


                    - Catalina A. Rosado- 

“I love being part of the Radio Love ministry! It brings me great joy to know I’m part of a ministry that helps spread the good news, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This ministry helps people by bringing positive music, encouraging words and projects the love of Christ”


Thank you,

                      -Livia Santiago-

"I remember coming to Radio Amor with my father and helping him by picking up phone calls while he conducted his program live. I received a call of someone asking for prayer. I told the person to remain on hold while I looked for a pastor. They answered me by stating "...but you are there. You can pray for me too." At that moment, God used someone who was asking for prayer to also bless my life with the knowledge that God can and wanted to use me. I will always be thankful to God and to Radio Amor for what has become a new beginning for me." 


                    -Josué A. Rosado-

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